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January 22, 2011
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Olderdissen Pack by Khalliysgraphy Olderdissen Pack by Khalliysgraphy
Just time for a long overdue update. Actually I wanted to wait until they found a new home for Kira, but it doesn't look like Kira will ever find a new home. I don't want to judge about whether they are simply not able to find one, or if they don't care enough.

Smilla is holdig her top position and Ronja and Kira still loathe each other. They cannot settle into a permanent arrangement and change ranks every other week. One week Ronja will grab her self-confidence and banish Kira into her back corner in the newer enclosure, another week it will be Kira who pushes Ronja into her corner of the older enclosure. They have even started to look alike (even more like they already do). Ronja now has the same huge flesh wound on her rear like Kira still has.
It's kind of funny how Smilla simply dominates these wranglers, because Kira and Ronja both are so much more massive than Smilla is. She looks almost thin if compared with those two ... or Kira and Ronja just look chubby. :XD: Still. It's definitely Smilla who's the smartest here. You'll never see her with more than just a tiny scratch. She simply doesn't interfere with Kira's and Ronja's mad business.

I'm not a native speaker, so just point it out if I made some mistakes. =)


Smilla ~ alpha female
Born in spring 2008
M-shaped mark between her eyes, no stripe . brightest eyes . black lines run down her cheeks . dark grey fur on her back . chocolate brown fur . slender body frame

In the first three years of her life Smilla often appeared as a very inconspicuous wolf. She tried to avoid every trouble and to get along with everyone. Though she had never let others threat her without defence. In my opinion she is the cleverest of her siblings. Smilla was good in making friends with Laika and gained a lot more self-confidence during her time as Laika's new right hand. In summer of 2011 she deposed Ronja without bloodshed and took the rank of the beta. It's very surprising to see how ranks can change the personality of a wolf. In the past I would have never ever assumed that my shy, carefully Smilla would be alpha someday, but now she is. After Laika's death there was no mistaken that she would be highest in rank eventually. In the first months she sometimes had to make room for her rebellious sisters who all wanted to be number one suddenly. She always avoided getting into fights and simply accepted a lower rank, when one of her siblings was in a rampage mood. Just waiting for her time. Now she only has to deal with Ronja and Kira and somehow she has no problem with that. Smilla never really takes sides so she wouldn't get into trouble with one of them. When things get stressful between Kira and Ronja she simply hides in a hut and waits until they have settled down.
I can't help but liking Smilla most. She is much more even-tempered than her sisters are and she's absolutely cunning.

Ronja ~ female
Born in spring 2008
bright, buff coloured coat . the only one without a cowlick between the eyes . long fur . stout physique . fine black-white markings between shoulders . no black marks on her legs . scarred face . now also with a flesh wound on her rear

Ronja always
got into trouble with the former alpha Maike, because she used to be a very dominant wolf. In Maike's last winter they hurt each other so bad that Ronja almost turned into a double of Maike. She was covered with scars, had problems with moving. But back then Laika never cared for Ronja's pretension and had an unbreakable patience with her. In return I don't think that Ronja ever tried to challenge Laika. In 2011 though, Smilla deposed her surprisingly and even Laika started to threat her from time to time. Ronja became untypically resigned, submissive and insecure. To see that once so proud wolf like that was very strange, it seemed like she was simply fed up with all that trouble and wanted to avoid it as best she could. Ronja and Luna were like best friends after that - this went so far that both got together to get rid off Laika in September 2012. Shortly after Laika's death Ronja had to face the problem that Kira was supported by Smilla as the new beta and Kira did a pretty good job in dominating Ronja. She tried to supress her as hard as she could. Ronja again got together with Luna and they both deposed Smilla and Kira. Both of them started marking with a lifted leg, which is a symbol of being highest in rank. So suddenly we had two female alphas and this was something very unusual. Sadly, a few weeks later Luna died from toxaemia. And this left Ronja very miserable. In my opinion Ronja is the most social one, in ways of needing company. She's okay with not possessing the highest rank if she doesn't have to be all alone. Now that Luna is gone she often keeps close to Smilla. You'll often see her following around Smilla if Kira let's her.

Kira ~ female
Born in spring 2008
orange-reddish coat . a black dot between her eyes . twirl of bright hairs on the forehead . "puppy-face" . lower eyelids . long black line on her back . strong build . constantly having a flesh wound on her rear

Kira used to be a very shy and timid wolf who mostly did keep a certain distance to the pack. She had always been the omega and always tried not to get into trouble. In the past, when the pack rallied, you were sometimes able to see her running around all wolves and woofing like crazy. She also used to be the most playful one, but this stopped for reasons I don't completely realise. I believe Laika and Ronja suppressed her too much. Through the year 2012 you would find Kira in the back corner of the new enclosure. But then there was a change in Kira's behaviour shortly before Laika's death. She started to act more dominant and you could even see her chasing around Ronja. Directly after Laika passed away it looked like Kira would become the new beta of the pack. She finally dared to enter the older enclosure again, always staying close to Smilla. She was trying so hard to subject Ronja, a bit too hard and therefore so she got banned again into her corner. But Kira would not accept that again. After some time of regeneration she started to fiercly attack the rest of the pack. Luna died as a result of that. It ended in a vicious circle that is still going on in some way. Kira would be banned for some time and she would come back for some time. The park even decided that it would be best to find her a new home. Still, it seems like they never found one as Kira is still there. Nowadays you'll either see Kira supressing Ronja, or Ronja supressing Kira. They have their ongoing quarrel and Smilla simply keeps her nose out.


gone but not forgotten

Luna ~ lived like a scapegoat, died as the alpha
Luna's career was kind of tragic. Before the last few months of her life she never possessed a high rank. Even though Kira had always been the pack's official omega, Laika also always used Luna as her personal scapegoat. Luna never was completely blameless though, because her manner towards Laika often was bold and provoking. But Laika would also harrass her when she simply did nothing. I remember one time when I took photos of a peacefully sleeping Luna and then, all of a sudden, Laika jumped into view and bit her for no reason. That ongoing harrassment culminated in a deathly fight with Laika, which Luna won with Ronja's help. Ronja and Luna were a inseparable team. They both took over the pack shortly after Laika's death and did something very unusual. They shared the alpha rank. Still, I believe that Luna was the one who held a bit more control - because she was able to control Ronja. Ronja might acted as the more dominant one, but Luna simply did not need to do that. Well ... only a few weeks after that Kira started to run amok. She gave bloody injuries to all of them - even Smilla - but especially Luna was badly hurt. So bad that she died from blood poisoning a bit later. May you now rest in peace.

Laika ~ a rigorous alpha female
Spring 2008 — 20th september 2012
Laika was killed in a fight with Luna and Ronja. She had been harrassing the former for so long, one day she just turned against her and was "lucky" enough to cause her a fatal wound. Regarding the park staff's opinion Ronja helped Luna with that. It is indeed very sad and tragic that it had to end like that. Rest in peace, Laika.

Maike ~ invincible alpha female
Spring 2000 — 20th march 2011
She had problems with her back and elbows for years, but she always seemed to be invincible and kept her rank until her last breath. On the day she wasn't able to stand up anymore, she was put to sleep. She was the strongest wolf I've ever known. Rest in peace.

Ringo ~ the only male
Spring 1999 — Summer 2009
Five years he spend alone with Maike, then the youngsters were brought into the pack. Sadly a tumor spread in his muzzle und he was put to sleep one happy year after the puppies arrival. Rest in peace, good boy.
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Falcolf Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Professional Filmographer
I've read that the alpha of the pack is not usually the biggest or strongest wolf but simply the most intelligent, the big strong wolves being instead the betas, the pack enforcers. That was just one biologist's opinion though - seems logical to me though and it seems to be Smilla's case! :D
Khalliysgraphy Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yup, that's right. =) And in the case of this 'pack' (or what it once has been) it's quite fitting. Smilla is the clever one and Ronja has always been a very strong and firm wolf. But not a leading character, even though she often tried.
I even know where you read that. :XD: That biologist is Shaun Ellis, right?
Falcolf Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Yes, that's him! :D Shaun Ellis. :) There's different schools of thoughts regarding pretty much everything of course, but I tend to respect his opinion and those of other wolf biologists who care about the animals and have personally spent time with them (not just studying them from a distance) the most. 
Khalliysgraphy Featured By Owner May 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I know what you mean, there are so many different opinions, including that new modern one claiming wild wolves wouldn't have any hierarchy at all. I've come to the conclusion that everything is right and wrong. It simply depends on the individual pack. Wolves and their personalities; their behaviour; their ways of living, all of this is so diverse, you cannot simply fit them into a stationary grid saying: "This is always the case." There is just so much more.
I myself have Shaun Ellis book with the stunning photography of Monty Sloan. It's pretty similar to what Jim and Jamie Dutcher have experienced with their Sawtooth Pack.
Falcolf Featured By Owner May 28, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Amen! :D 
ShittyChickenBang Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
Personalities. With capital P.
Khalliysgraphy Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
woozle9 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013
"In Maike's last winter they hurted each other so bad" hurted should be changed to "hurt". Thanks for the update!
Khalliysgraphy Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, thank you! May you explain me it's 'hurt' and not 'hurted'? Since it happened in the past.
woozle9 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013
Hurted is not an existing word in the English dictionary. I know it's confusing. Some words don't follow the rules of other words like it.
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